Having worked in over a dozen countries on three continents and five islands, director, photographer, and eclectic music selector Aaron Jacob, comes from a diverse background of entertainment production, event coverage, multimedia photojournalism, and international exploration.  

Below is are some examples of his work.

Seattle HipHop Duo Cook Up 'Curry NA Hurry' in their Latest Single - Shot/Directed by Aaron Jacob Assistant Directed by Ramzey Staples Edited by Spek & Jamil Color Correction by John Gerard Mastered by Dume41 @ The Legion of Dume, Seattle

Jeffon Seely - Dream [Produced by AM/FM] [Directed/Edited by Aaron Jacob] Visit https://www.ThreeKeyLife.com for Inspiration & Subscribe to https://www.YouTube.com/GoatHouseProduction to see more videos! Shot in Punta Gorda & French Harbor. Roatan, Honduras

Querer Es Poder - Bala Shine [GoatHouse Production] Shot/Edited/Directed by Aaron Jacob.  This powerful video was shot in the home village of Punta Gorda, Roatan. Alongside Bala Shine, there are cameos of the growing Garifuna legends 'Letra', 'Mem-z', and 'Rohninio on the Mic' in this music video.

Exerpt from https://adjandacook.wordpress.com - "So back in September (2014) I went to LA to audition for the competition tv show The Taste on ABC. Featuring Marcus Sammuelson, Nigella Lawson, Ludo LeFevbre, and Anthony Bourdain. A blind taste in a spoon, one bite to win $100,000! And the verdict I made Anthony Bourdain's team.

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